property management
Myths & Facts

Fact: Laws regarding Colorado rental standards are constantly changing and have moved towards favoring tenants significantly in the last few years. Having a property manager on your side reduces your liability.
Fact: Listing your property at the correct rental rate is imperative to reduce vacancy time and maximize income. MOD Properties is constantly researching rental rates for your property to make sure the rate remains competitive and to give you an advantage.
Fact: Our services are designed to maximize your return on investment. Our pricing structure offers a comprehensive package of services to maximize your profit.
Fact: In our experience, Owners who complete their own maintenance usually end up drawing out vacancy times and return trips are required to make the property move-in ready, costing more overall. Often, cheaper vendors lack appropriate tax documents and/or insurance. Our vendors are reasonably priced and have been fully vetted to represent your interests when completing repairs.
Fact: My property will rent quickly/easily because the Denver rental market is booming. slowing, and renters are beginning to hold more influence. Our research provides us with a comprehensive picture of what residents are looking for in various Denver neighborhoods and we will help to make sure your rental property shines.
Fact: More and more residents are not educated on basic maintenance items or are not willing to complete them. We provide instruction and needed follow-up to help residents do their share.
Fact: Almost all tenants dispute their deposit refund even though we are extremely conservative in what we charge for. MOD will handle the tenant interactions as well as the documentation process for you.
Fact: Fair Housing laws extend beyond the application selection process. Disability requests, for example, constitute for a majority of suits filed against landlords. Our processes ensure that you are protected.
Fact: If you choose to not allow pets at your property, a prospective tenant may still submit a request for this policy to be modified to allow an emotional support or service animal. These animals would be covered under the ADA and Fair Housing guidelines. Recently we have seen an increase in illegitimate requests in this area. Our staff are trained to identify and handle these situations and will work with our legal team if needed at no additional cost to you.
Fact: ‘Source of Income’ is now a protected class in Denver and Boulder counties. Other Colorado counties are swiftly passing legislation to follow suit. This means that applications with housing assistance programs must be processed just as any other.