While Denver temperatures are still scorching, August and September is exactly when the best Landlords know to begin prepping their rental homes for the cooler months.

At MOD Properties, we are monitoring weeks out to make sure that we have sprinkler blowouts scheduled and completed before freezing temperatures arrive. As soon as temperatures begin to regularly dip below 40, it’s important to winterize your irrigation system to prevent costly damages or issues with turn-on next year. Our seasonal irrigation work is completed hassle-free with a warranty and guarantee — something not all management companies can offer!

We continue to inspect properties and work with Residents throughout the summer to make sure that our guidelines for watering, fertilizing, mowing/trimming, etc. are being followed and now is an ideal time to touch base with them again. We want to make sure weeds, trees, lawns, and even mulch/rock areas are being cared for now so that there isn’t a larger issue to handle later on. As leaves begin to fall we’ll remind Residents to pick up/remove them and will assist in handling any seasonal clean-ups as needed.

Lastly, right now is the perfect time to start coordinating snow removal contracts for the winter and to begin thinking about and/or prepping ice melt buckets, etc. Anyone in Denver knows that if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait a minute. Early storms can cause a lot of damage to homes that aren’t prepared whether that is through bursting pipes or knocking down tree limbs. The fall and winter months will be here before you know it and the best way to protect your investment is to be thinking ahead!

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