Now that you’ve approved a solid prospect to move into your investment home, any owner knows how important it is to maintain a good relationship with your renters. For more on how to handle the immediate next steps, read our blog here: Coordinating the perfect move-in. Many Landlords will wipe their hands of the tenants at this point, just hoping rent gets paid on time and they never get that 2 am phone call about a water leak. Unfortunately, today’s renters want and need more management than that throughout their residency if you want them to feel adequately resourced and supported in holding up your property value. A tenant who feels ignored can leave a lasting physical and financial impact on a property that is sometimes unrecoverable.

It’s important to regularly communicate with residents about seasonal changes, annual maintenance prompts, and of course, general home upkeep. Many renters have never owned before and even grew up living in rental situations, so they are not aware of common household issues and how to prevent them.

We’ve broken down a simple example of what to highlight in regards to Maintenance below:

DO NOT put these items down the garbage disposal:

  • Anything that is not biodegradable
  • Fuel or anything flammable
  • Plastic and metal
  • Any animal bones
  • Hamburger
  • Spaghetti
  • Bacon fat or grease of any kind
  • Egg shells
  • Corn cobs or leaves, lettuce, asparagus, and other fibrous fruits and vegetables
  • Pasta and rice

Reminder: Call 911 and/or your gas provider immediately if you sense any indication of fire, carbon monoxide, electrical danger, or a gas leak. 

For the following situations involving threat of permanent property damage, please take action immediately and call our office or on-call service right away:

  • Flood: shut the water off for the property
  • Backed Up Plumbing: cease use immediately and contact office/on-call service

After Hours/On Call Service: 1-866-380-5726

For all non-emergencies, please submit a request through your Appfolio online portal or call our office.

Note: If it is determined that any problem is tenant caused, you will be charged. Invoices are sent through Appfolio.
Additional resources regarding landscaping or snow removal are available by request through our office.

Further, by providing routine reminders about lease expectations MOD Properties avoids any need for arguments later on and keeps everyone accountable for the appropriate standards. We also regularly reach out to residents addressing the following:

  • Landlord/Service Technician Access
  • Lock Outs
  • Rent Reimbursements
  • Additional Pets/Occupants
  • Requests for Modification and/or Accommodation
  • Moving Out (i.e. Showings, Security Deposit Return, etc.)

Having this record of written communication to our residents also minimizes risk for liability and protects our owners’ assets more thoroughly. 

If you want to know more about how to keep the best renters happy in your home, reach out to schedule a consultation:

Also – additional resources and answers to other Resident FAQs can be found on our website

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