We are often asked if we offer various service packages for prospective clients to pick from who are comparison shopping.  Folks will often find that other companies offer options for leasing only vs full service management or some type of bronze, silver and gold package.

Our answer is really very, very simple. We offer one package of services because we offer only our best to every client and we know we do a better job when we are invested long-term.  It’s part of our company culture to strive for mastery and we aren’t comfortable coming up with a great idea or process and then not offering it to every client.

Successful property management requires an almost constant re-evaluation of tasks and prioritization.  Adding in another layer of evaluation to determine whether a service is included in an owner’s service package wastes valuable time that could be spent achieving actual results and saving owners money.  For us, that is what mastery is about. The end result needs to be superior and reflect that we are true experts and leaders in our field. This result needs to be over the long term, not just a short-term gimmick with consequences kicked down the road.  We’ve never hidden behind a contract provision stating something wasn’t “included” in our management. That doesn’t produce results we can be proud of.

In addition, we offer only one level of services because our experience has proven that there almost always seem to be hidden costs to cutting corners. Skimping on services in the here and now only increases problems and expense in the future.  As real estate is often a long-term investment, we’ve been around long enough to see this play out poorly.

We have taken a similar position with regard to leasing-only services.  These are often the cheapest option from those offering a tiered service platform and, in our experience, results most frequently in escalated tenant issue, i.e. them feeling passed-off and owner frustrations with the level of day-to-day management that they had planned to do not being reflected in the lease.  Overall, we have seen more issues with this on both the owner and tenant side and feel it is not a product we can stand behind confidently.

While offering different plans and pricing can sound appealing while you are shopping for affordable property management, we truly believe that is more profitable and more enjoyable for everyone to approach management with our philosophy. You are guaranteed a better lasting experience and greater overall satisfaction in the end.

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